METS Program for Entrepreneurs - Preparing the landing in Australia

More than ten years ago, consultants Vantaz decided to make the leap and bet on globalization. Australia, as a mining country, seemed to them the natural destiny. Today with offices in the country can say that it has been a very good experience, however, the path traveled has not been easy, and for that reason has left them a tremendous capital in terms of learning and networks that they decided to share through the Capacity Leveling Program for the Internationalization of METS (Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services) companies that they implemented with Endeavor and Corfo.

What began as a first tour in 2015, has just concluded its second mission with 18 Chilean entrepreneurs all linked in some way to Endeavor, which defined a profile of innovative entrepreneurs linked to the mining industry. Within their agenda, and aligned with the profile, the group had meetings in the SMI of the University of Queensland and in the JKTECK, center of commercialization of the innovative technologies developed in this institution. Within the agenda, a meeting was also held with five METS that are already global and that conveyed their experience.

In the commercial field, they had a round of business in Adelaide co organized with the local government in which they made a one-on-one match with innovators of this state. In addition, they met with the top executive of BHP's Olimpic Dam copper miner.

According to Gonzalo Restini, executive director of FMA, who integrated the mission: "Although we were different companies, the agenda was interesting for all. We knew how the Australian system operates and how they support innovation. It is a very large and interesting market, more connected with Chile than we thought at first. While the business relationship is already built, it does not mean it will be easy. We have to develop a structure and that is why the synergy, contacts and relationships that were established in the tour are fundamental ".

Mauro Mezzano, a founding partner of Vantaz, who heads the METS Program from the consulting firm, anticipates that they are in the middle of preparing for a third trip with a focus on establishing more specific relationships and pave the way for a landing of national innovation in Australia.