Work transition

According to survey SommerGroup ®:
78% of executives say they have received a
planned support to assume a new position.

The revealing figures reflect the exciting opportunity in the process of transition from one executive to a new position. Some companies are beginning to opt for Onboarding programs.

According to a survey by SommerGroup ® International Search Solutions, which was consulted about the support they have received the professionals to be promoted or to assume a position in a new company, it is recorded that only one in five executives receive a clear support at this stage.

The figures show a trend of voters for the "Poor, I've only been learning on the fly", with 40% of preferences. It is followed very closely the alternative "Regular, I received only a few patterns of my head", with 38%.

In both cases it is possible to infer that, although it is likely that the company and the directors are confident that the new government is a highly capable and ready, the support is reflected in a "we know you'll do well," almost blindly trusting that the next steps will be alone. The truth is that there are high expectations and at the same time, risky assumptions. Executive is expected to soon assume his new post, assuming for example that past achievements are a guarantee of future success and, as it is a professionally mature adult, it is clear to be inserted independently.

The recorded figures, is 16% of preferences, you have answered "Well, I received clear feedback and suggestions to develop myself." This is an interesting percentage that accounts for a major practices to facilitate the transition, that is, sharing in a conversation the reasons that led to the decision to choose this Executive, along with guidelines show what will be their next steps.

The lowest percentage was recorded in the alternative "Excellent, I received a custom program for my company for my adaptation to the role and culture", with 6%. This is a very low figure and to some extent expected, since it involves a new personnel management and innovative, especially in our country.

From this perspective, let Onboarding programs provide practical tools that facilitate adaptation (to the new culture and / or organizational subculture) and validation (generate an aggregate value) of an executive in transition, either by entering a promotion or a company. "The Onboarding to understand that the transition goes beyond the usual induction. It provides for a process that requires addressing in a planned and customized a number of variables, without assuming assumptions of success since the context (culture, team situation, stakeholders, leadership styles, level of relationship, etc..) Are likely very new, "says Paulina Del Rio, Director of Onboarding of SommerGroup ®.

"The term is also key, the first 90 days are critical, because it is a reasonable time to generate the first concrete results expected to show signs of advancing the team together for a good way, especially to senior positions of responsibility, the impact obviously involves greater reach, "says the director of the Program.
A concrete example of success by SommerGroup ® Onboarding is the program developed with Christian Depassier General Manager Artilec-electronic-security company, who managed to produce results within 90 days of taking office. "The main challenge involved defining and reorganizing the organizational structure of the company, along with a new look to strategic management. Specifically, the transformation process allowed us to grow 25% in the first quarter from a year earlier. Therefore, the facilitated Onboarding generate both qualitative and quantitative impacts, "says Depassier.