Lawyer, Lagos Maclean

Kenneth studied law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and has postgraduate diplomas in Company Law from the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez and in Economics and Finance from the Universidad Gabriela Mistral. He is the Managing Partner at the firm Lagos Maclean, and is responsible for corporate and civil contractual consulting, commercial and labour law, State Administration defence, and special and labour litigation.

He participates as a director in companies in the Agro-industrial sector and is a consultant in various other sectors, including Education, Retail, Construction, Real Estate, Energy, Mining, Information Technology and Telecommunications.

1. Contribute to the optimum development of the Conference Chile-Australia 2014, positioning education as one of the pillars of the relationship between our countries, as well as its relevance for the development of human capital, research, innovation and transfer of technology in all industries.

2. Provision of information relevant to enterprises AUSCHAM partner on training opportunities for employees offering Australia and opportunities of partnership with the Australian educational system for research, innovation and transfer of technology and know-how.

3. Connect graduates of Australian universities that are resident in Chile in a way of creating new networks between companies and individuals linked to Australia allowing the development of new business.

4. Work with other committees and AUSCHAM so we can understand some of the topics in areas such as energy, mining, sustainability and finance can be addressed through education.