Manager of Corporate Affairs at Pacific Hydro Chile

Loreto has worked at Pacific Hydro for more than four years. Areas under her charge have included the positioning of the company, communications, public affairs, community relations and Corporate Social Responsibility matters. Lorena studied journalism and has a Master’s in Strategic Communications from the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. Before joining Pacifc Hydro, Lorena worked in strategic communications.

Objectives for 2015
The Energy Committee aims to provide an opportunity for analysis and discussion of matters related to the electricity sector, in order to promote the generation of proposals that support the arrival of new investors, the participation of Australian companies in Chile and the interchange of experiences between the two nations. Specific objectives are as follows:

1. To share best practices and experiences that support the development of sustainable projects and generate value.

2. To identify entry barriers for the generation of proposals that improve and strengthen opportunities for new players.

3. To generate positive dialogue and debate about matters affecting the industry.