2018 Activities

Woman in the international Market - October 17

We appreciate the REDEG invitation to the conversatory. It was a great day, very enriching, in which Krasna Bobenrieth, head of departament APEC 2019 at Direcon tells us "increase the labor participation of women in non-traditional sectors, reduce or eliminate the gender gap in digital illiteracy and advancey the empowerment of women, are part of the women´s agenda and inclusive growth for APEC 2019.

Ausenco - Auscham workshop for Liability Remediation

Our partner, Ausenco, conducted a remediation workshop on mining liabilities, whith the assitance of partner companies related to the sector. Peter Reid, VP of site Evaluation and remediation, told us how to be aware of the environment and the ways in which mining is achieving it.

Conversation of cybersecurity in the industry - November 16

Mining Committee toghether whith Guerrero Olivos, conducted a seminar on a very current topic: cybersecurity. We talk about the chilean law whith Juan Enrique Allard, Partner of Guerrero Olivos, the industry experience with Ezequiel Fagetti of BHP and the different solutions with André Goujon of Lockbits Ltda and Luis Rojas of Datacentro.

Event binational Chambers: Does Chile remain an attractive country for foreing investors? - November 22th

Auscham, together with twelve differents Binational Chambers of Commerce, make a discussion on foreign investment in Chile. It was held at Marriott Hotel and it was a success, with the attendance of almost one hundread people.