2017 Activities

August 2

This past Wednesday August 2 at Sofofa Conference center it took place a talk about the challenges of pensions in Chile, where we had the outstanding participation of the general Manager of AFP Cuprum Mr Pedro Atria and the former member of Bravo Commission Mr Andras Uthoff, setting out their views on the government's new project on pensions in Chile. This talk was organized by the Legal and Financial Committee of Auscham and AFP Cuprum.

Presentation Federico Rodriguez (Ver ppt)

Presentation Patricio Atria - Cuprum AFP (Ver ppt)

Presentation Andras Uthoff (Ver ppt)

May 12

Farewell group of entrepreneurs of Innovation and Technology to Australia, thanks to Endevor Chile and Vantaz, and the colaboration of Trade Investment Queensland, Auscham and the support of Corfo.

May 5

"Social License and Productive Projects: Learned Lessons”

With great success was held the Conversation "Social License and Productive Projects: Learned Lessons”, Which we have the experience of great exhibitors from both the private and public worlds.

9 March

Foreign Bribery; Strategy to avoid and assistance from Government

Auscham, together with Austrade, held the talk “Foreign Bribery; Strategy to Avoid and Assistance from Government”, presented by Mr David Tonkin, Chief Legal Counsel of Procurement & Fraud, Austrade Australia; Mr Alberto Precht, Executive Director of Chile Transparente; and Mr Marcos Rios, partner of Carey & Cia.

January 26

Australia Day

The Australian rugby club Waringah, in the midst of their visit to Chile to promote rugby and to learn about Chilean culture, took time out of their schedule to celebrate Australia Day with members of Auscham and the Australian community in our country.

January 25

First Auscham Board Meeting 2017

Last January 25, was held the first Auscham Board Meeting of 2017 where we welcome our new ambassador Mr. Robert Ferguson.