2016 Activities

November 17

Auscham Day, now a very successful tradition, was held at the Valle Escondido Golf Club on Thursday 17 November. This, the fifth version of the event, was attended by 170 members and friends of Auscham who enjoyed a relaxed a day of sporting activities and camaraderie.

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September 29

Event of our member Amira International, Which Auscham collaborated in its organization and convocation, where we have important participants, such as the Ambassador of Australia Timothy Kane, Mauro Valdes of Fundacion Chile, among others. This was realized in the dependencies of Fundacion Chile.

September 28

The Legal and Finance Committee organice a talk to discuss and understand more about the Trans-Pacific Economic Cooperation Agreement where the special guest was Felipe Lopeandia, Head of Department of Transpacific Association Agreement of Direcon. This was held and sponsor by Guerrero Olivos.

September 1

, IX version of Commercial Liaison 2016, where together with Austrade participate in the fair with a booth, this was held at the Convention Center Parque Titanium.

August 11

Second Australian Business Network (ABN) At Ritz Hotel. With high calls was held the second Australian Business Network 2016, this time we had the honorable visit of the Governor General (R) of Australia Sir Peter Cosgrove, where he discussed the importance that Auscham is in trade relations between both countries.

June 9

Launch of Dingo in Chile and Latin America, this Company is related to de mining industry and Auscham give support organizing this event inviting members and collaborate.

June 8

Wine Tasting with Veramonte vineyard.
We organice with Veramontes Vineyard a Wine Tasting for our members, tasting different wines of very high quality.

May 19

The event, organized by the Auscham Energy Committee, was attended by the Executive Secretary of the National Energy Commission CNE, Andres Romero, this was held at Carey and Cia. On Thursday, May 19th.
On the occasion, Romero said that the Transmission Law will be a substantive advance for Chile's energy development, so that it can anticipate this generation, guaranteeing looseness, low levels of losses, reduced possibilities of congestion and a clear impulse to supply already the competition
On the other hand, he indicated that this law is in its last stage of debate in the National Congress, after May 18 the Senate Energy Commission dispatched the initiative. It is hoped, that the new legal body will be dispatched from Parliament in mid-June.

April 28

Thursday April 28 , the Auscham Sustainability Committee held a workshop " Sustainability : An Opportunity to differentiate competitively " . The meeting took place in the premises of Carey y Cia and had 2 outstanding speakers . Alejandra Tironi , Senior Sustainability and Stakeholder Expert ; Antofagasta Minerals S.A. and Ivan Chamorro Manager of Public Affairs and Communications, ARAUCO . On this occasion both exhibitors gave their vision of how crucial it is today for the development of enterprises implementing sustainable business strategies and new challenges.

The event organized by the Energy Committee of Auscham , was attended by the Executive Secretary of the National Energy Commission CNE , Andres Romero and was held in the premises of Carey y Cia . On Thursday May 19. On this occasion, Romero said Act Transmission will be a significant step forward for energy development in Chile, as it will anticipate the generation , ensuring clearances , low loss, lower chances of congestion and a clear boost supply and competition. Moreover , he said that the bill is in its final stage of debate in the National Congress , after the May 18 the Senate Energy Committee dispatched the initiative. It is expected , so that the new legal body be dispatched Parliament in mid-June .

April 13

Wednesday April 13 with high call was held the First Australian Business Network 2016 , at which this time the ambassador of Australia Mr. Timothy Kane announced the completion of the second Economic Leadership Forum to be held in Melbourne in December next , highlighting the success of the forum held in our country in 2014. On the other hand he extended the invitation to all who participated in the forum in our country and new companies to participate in this new version in Australia.

April 13

Annual Meeting for Auscham Members. This took place at Ritz Hotel The attendance of a majority percentage of Auscham partners , marked the completion of the annual meeting last Wednesday 13 April . On this occasion we present the activities during 2015 , also our members approve the balance. The new directory and the election of committee chairmen for the period 2016-2018.

January 19

AUSCHAM Professional Internship Program (PPPA)
Last January 19, thanks to the sponsorhip of Guerrero y Olivos, was held the first Workshop about AUSCHAM Professional Internship Program (PPPA), where this program aims to provide short-term work experience opportunities to Australian students and former Chilean scholarship recipients that have undertaken studies in Australia, while at the same time addressing the labour needs of AUSCHAM members. We have the participation of HR Managers and/or General Managers of companies belonging to the Chamber.

January 14

The evolution of technology and its effect on our companies and people in general
Last Januar -The evolution of technology and its effect on our companies and people in general-, where Mr. Jorge Mujica from IBM and Enrique Garza from Google gave their vision of the evolution of technology and where it is leading us. We had a large attendance of our partners and then we share a cheese & wine.