2015 Activities

November 26

Third Australian Business Network 2015
On Thursday 26 November the third and final networking event was held for 2015. It took place at the residence of the Australian Ambassador, Mr Timothy Kane, and was attended by 150 executives and members of AUSCHAM who expressed satisfaction with the activities and business opportunities organized by the Chamber during the year.

November 25

Energy Policies 2050
The Energy Committee organise a talk about "Energy Policies 2050", we have the participation of Javier Busto, Chief of the Division of Foresight and Energy Policies, from the Ministry of Energy.

This event was sponsor by Carey & Cia

November 13

Redcliff's director Margarita Scartin and her colleague Mr. Kim Wilson held a seminar organized by TIQ Santiago and sponsored by Auscham last Friday, November 13. Margarita and Kim are both specialists on Community Engagement for mining projects and after participating of the event SRMining in Antofagasta took time to deliver an interesting seminar where they explained the ways on which Australia has conducted Community-Company relations for several mining projects.

This seminar was attended by 20 people from different companies and organisations related to the mining sector as the Community-Company relationships are seen as one crucial step to develop new projects in Chile.

November 12

The Legal and Finance Committee with the Mining Committee held the seminar "The Financing of the Chilean exploration industry in time of crisis in our country". We have the participation as speaker at, Sergio Hernandez, Executive Vicepresident of Cochilco; Hernán Soza, President of the Rating Committee's competencies in mining reserves and resources; Lusi Felipe Olivos, General Coordinator of Funding for CORFO; Ricardo Vasquez, Lawyer at Baraona Abogados.

This seminar was sponsor by Carey & Cia.

October 7

Australia Alumni Event 2015
Since it is already traditional and with a high call the Australia Alumni Event was realized last Wednesday, the 7th of October 2015, a space for sharing experiences and networking created for students who attend their post-graduate studies in Australian universities.

September 3

Wine Course
Last Thursday, 3 September Auscham in conjunction with Chile Di Vino, carried out the course "Knowing the valleys of Chile and its Premium wines”, guided by the winemaker expert in Chilean wines Marcela Chandia, a group of approx 15 participants learned about the tasting techniques and accompaniments, and enjoy a variety of Premium wines of important 6 valleys of Chile.

28 August

Workshop “Participation standards guide for the development of energy projects”

The Energy Committee organised the Workshop “Participation standards guide for the development of energy projects” on Friday August 28, with the participation of Javier Zulueta, from the Ministry of Energy. The event took place at Guerrero Olivos offices with a high turnout of more than 60 executives from the Energy Industry.

1 July

Second Australian Business Network

On Wednesday 1 July, the second Australian Business Network event took place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, with the spirit of camaraderie and networking always identified with Auscham. The event, organised jointly with the Australian Embassy, was attended by a special guest, the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Ms. Julie Bishop, who was on an official visit to Chile.

The Minister made a short speech, referring to the solid relationship between Chile and Australia. She also mentioned her meeting with President Michelle Bachellet, as well as with the Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Heraldo Muñoz and the Mining Minister, Ms. Aurora Williams. She emphasized the significant common interests between both countries and the collaboration of Australia in areas such as sustainable construction and mining.

30 June

Breakfast: “Energy Challenges Faced by Chile”

The Auscham Energy Committee organised the breakfast “Energy Challenges Faced by Chile” on Tuesday 30 June, with the participation of the Energy Minister, Mr. Máximo Pacheco. The event took place at the Double Tree Hotel, with a high turnout of approximately 200 executives from the Chilean energy and mining sectors.

The objective of the event was to generate a discussion with the Minister about topics of special interest among the event participants, who had been invited to send in their questions prior to the meeting. The Minister gave full answers to the questions that had been selected on specific topics related to challenges faced by Chile on energy issues.

23 June

Breakfast "Challenges and opportunities to invest in 2015"

Auscham with Intervalores made last Tuesday, June 23 the breakfast “Challenges and Opportunities to invest in 2015”, Leaded by Mr. Alastair Champkins, expert on International Banking System. On this occasion were treated fundamental issues like global economic scenario, local economic scenario, local exchange and challenges and opportunities in 2015.

28 April

Annual Assembly of Auscham Members

On 28 April, the Annual Assembly of Auscham Members was held, in order to present the annual report and to elect the new Board of Directors and Committee Presidents for 2015-16. A large number of Chamber members were present, showing once more their firm commitment to the objectives set for this new period.

21 April

Sustainability Committee

Within the framework of the visit to Chile by an Australian commission of experts in water management and the optimization of resources in times of drought, the Sustainability Committee organised a successful panel discussion “Alternative Sources of Water in Periods of Drought: the Australian Experience”. Participating in the event, aimed at presented the Australian experience, were the prestigious panelists:

Professor Tony Wong Chief Executive of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, Monash University Professor Peter Scales Deputy Dean, School of Engineering, University of Melbourne Professor Stephen Gray Director, Institute for Sustainability and Innovation (ISI), Victoria University David Downie Strategic Advisor, Centre for Regional and Rural Futures, Deakin University

27 March

Talk: Decision Taking in VUCA Environments

On 27 March, Auscham and Swann Global organized the talk “Decision Taking in VUCA Environments”. This was given by the creator of the methodology for facing these environments, Dr. Robert Flynn, who was visiting Chile from Australia. The high turnout included important executives and directors from a number of prestigious companies.