Who we are

We are an organisation that seeks to promote the trade and investment between Chile and Australia, providing support to encourage collaboration between businesses, persons and organisations of both countries.

1. Promote trade exchange between Australia and Chile in areas related to production, trade, culture, tourism and transport.

2. Represent the interests of Australia and Chile and our partners before government organisations or trade associations.

3. Provide support to companies and our partners through networks in different sectors (commercial, social and service).

The targets of AUSCHAM are:

a) Enhance trade, cultural, industrial, tourism and transport relations between the Republic of Chile and Australia.
b) Promote international trade, exports and imports between Australia and Chile.
c) Maintain relationships with trade and production organisations of our country.
d) Strengthen sectors related to our partners.
e) Cooperate, when appropriate, through bills, decrees and regulations for their formulation or implementation, and the diffusion of education or business studies, when useful.
f) Deliver press releases; circulate brochures, seminars and conferences in order to inform our partners, authorities and general public in matters relate to trade, production and services.
g) Foster the professional development of our associates.