Felipe Meneses

Counsel of Carey’s Environmental Group. He concentrates his practice in environmental law, indigenous regulations and regulatory matters in general by advising in project development and environmental assessment, legal opinions, environmental audits, litigation, amongst others.
Previously, he worked as a lawyer and environmental consultant, legal counsel for NGOs and a director in the public sector. He is Professor of the Diplomas of "Environment and Sustainability" of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and "New Trends in Civil Responsibility" of the University of Chile, member of the Bar Association of Chile and the American Bar Association (ABA).

• Education and training, focused on issues of interest to our members within the framework of sustainability.
• Activities that are visible to companies’ members of our chamber (eg; open seminars, visibility in the media, social networks, AUSCHAM magazine, etc.)
• Activities that allow establishing relationships with other actors (networking).